Tuesday Table Talk

Good morning, sunshine! What’s for breakfast? From simple to extravagant, tablescapes run the gamut.  Let’s talk tables. Even more specifically, let’s talk about what’s on your kitchen table, or the place that you gather. Your table is there to greet you and your loved ones every day, right? So, what does it say?……Okay, there are no hard and fast rules. Creating an inviting “everyday” table can be as simple as starting with a clean, blank surface, and layering. For instance, I have an heirloom milk glass cake plateau that pretty consistently sits in the middle of my marbletop kitchen table.  At night, when I’m cleaning things up from dinner, or later, before I finally turn out the lights, I set a simple centerpiece for the next morning.  The crisp white of my cake plateau serves as a starting point. I have a favorite bowl that seems to sit well atop my cake plate, so some days, this is as simple as replenishing a bowl of green apples.  Some days I may have a moment to go a step further and I will layer a coordinating set of  placemats, or go ahead and set porcelain plates and bowls at the places for breakfast.  This takes just a few more minutes, because I keep sets of table linens pressed, and close by in a kitchen drawer, or some place where they are readily available.  Oh, and I opt for cloth. Linens add color and texture, cloth feels better on the skin, and it is good for the environment too!! (You do laundry everyday anyway, right?)

Use what’s available:  This may be as simple as opening the fridge!  Consider the beautiful array of colors and textures we bring home from the produce section.  After removing fruits and vegetables from their grocery store containers for rinsing, I like to transfer them into porcelain bowls and pretty baskets for storage, whether refrigerating or not. Since I have already done the work to wash and transfer, these containers conveniently become colorful, ready-made daily centerpieces! ($ saving tip: No need to pay for cut flowers, if a beautiful bowl of fruit does the trick)

Re-purpose arrangements: My sister in law had ordered a large arrangement from the florist for a dinner party, and because of travel plans, she was not going to be able to enjoy them for the days ahead.  The colors were gorgeous and she hated just to toss it- she knew I would agree!  She brought it over for me to enjoy, but after the transfer, parts of the arrangement were beginning to fade. However there were several handfuls of perfectly good blooms from which to choose. I pulled a few vibrant stems together and tossed away the other. I divided the stems between 5 votive cups, and had so much fun arranging the bunches of happy little freebies for my breakfast table.  They got a new life, and we were able to enjoy them for several mornings!

Incorporating inviting details into the spaces  we use most in our homes doesn’t have to be an involved process, requiring a lot of forethought or planning.   It simply requires me to pause, look around the kitchen, focus on a color, a shape, or a point of inspiration.  In just a few minutes,  you can create a cheery start to the day!

Mornings can be rushed, and hectic, but your table can say: Good morning, sit here, and enjoy!


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  • Jeanne Faith-Garton says:

    Thanks for the tip Mary Morgan, I’m going to start implementing this practice immediately! Your examples are beautiful!

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