Treasure Hunters

I think we would all agree that reentry is the pitfall of any family vacation-the mountain of mess that is unpacking, the loads, and loads of laundry. On the flip side, a couple of days of this post-vacation re-set has given me time to think, and to reflect on recent reading.
I saw it written that we should be “treasure hunters”, searching for the gold in ourselves and others. I love it. How could a goldenthread girl pass up this treasure of a metaphor:)
Having just returned from a trip to the British Virgin Islands with two little boys in tow, you can imagine I’ve got a few treasure hunting pirate stories fresh on the brain. In all seriousness, the odyssey of the Caribbean intrigues. I think about early explorers, the discovery history of ancient islands, and the legends and lore surrounding treasure. I marvel at the amount of time invested in these searches. Discovery quests spanned lifetimes, through dynasties, and changes of the crown. Early explorers weathered storms, disease, wars, piracy, seasons of vast despair. Yet, onward they travelled, seeking land and gold.

“We are to be treasure hunters, searching for gold” With imagery still fresh on my mind, the words conjure up new depth of meaning.
As we honor God’s plan for us, we are to be seeking the gold in each other, and finding encouragement in the daily quest. Like treasure hunters, “Onward!”, knowing we will encounter rough seas and challenging conditions-Resolving not to let storms take the wind from our sails. Ok, alliteration aside, appreciating the treasures in each other reveals joy, fulfilling and enriching our daily lives.

Springtime brings an influx of vibrant color. And you know what they say about metallics-They go with everything. I’ll be seeking gold:)


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