Sister, sister!

Some of my recent days have fortunately been spent with my sweet sister in law, Hillary.  She is such a doll, a gift to my brother, and I love having her around.  She loves my two boys well, too, and they were over the moon to have Aunt Hillary and Uncle Chad visiting us at the beach.

We were cooking together the other night, and I thought about how much I appreciate this quote she so thoughtfully sent to me one day, when I was starting the blog.

“A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life.”

~Isadora James

A friend to the spirit, so true!  She has a great listening ear, and as our family’s resident expert pharmacist, she is there with advice when one of my boys is sick, or we need information on a certain medication. She has a jump- right- in -there and get -it -done attitude, and I love getting to do life together.

Hillary and Chad got engaged on Christmas Day, 2014,  and the wedding was set for April 18, 2015, just around the corner!  We realized we would have a lot of celebrating to do in not a lot of calendar space, so we got creative! First up were engagement announcement photos. We hit the wedding planning ground running, and were ready to start the toasting as soon as possible. We decided to gather girlfriends together for a dual purpose party,  aboard a unique party venue called the beauty bus.  The beauty bus was owned by a salon,  with a rolling set of stylist stations. So clever! (I don’t know what it is about a party-on-wheels, but i have always loved one! This may date back to childhood porch parties in Mississippi, when my sweet grandfather would back the pick up truck to the porch, and take our party for a ride!)

The two of us, aboard the Beauty Bus!❤

We were “rolling” so to speak! We started the day with bubbly, chocolate covered strawberries and breakfast treats. We invited our guests to arrive with fresh faces ready to be made fabulous alongside the bride. The photographer met the bus at our first stop downtown Nashville where the bride walked off the beauty bus photo-ready. While the photographer worked with the bride, we moved the other beautified ladies along to the restaurant, where the festive table was ready and waiting. Once seated, the server remarked that the group looked more like the top 10 at Miss America than a bridal shower-Oohlala! We listened to the engagement story, and toasted the occasion. Three delicious courses were enjoyed, and giggles filled the air. When the meal came to a finish we boarded the beauty bus for the ride home. The photographer had the shot for the engagement announcement and we had our first shower brunch to celebrate. Check, check down the wedding checklist! 

I loved, loved, loved helping to plan the details of the wedding. There were parties all spring, and the beautiful main event in April, but a favorite duty was the bridesmaids weekend! I had so much fun creating a playful invitation, and girly party details for one darling and divine sis of mine💗

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