New Years Nesting❤️

Post-Christmas decluttering and tidying leads to nesting for the wintry cold to come❤️

Pantry prep and kitchen coziness❤️

When the Christmas trees and decor are finally cleared away, I find myself ready for a re-set! Maybe it’s a natural affinity for that fresh-start feeling that comes along with the New Year.  Resolutions and renewal; regardless, I seem to take it out on my house. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, that is where I start. 

Pantry Prep:

I make a list to be sure my pantry is stocked up on cold weather staples like oatmeal, waffle and biscuit mixes, honey, hot tea bags, hot chocolate mix, and mini marshmallows for playtime breaks, (where are the mini marshmallows when you need them?!)  When I was in college my mother wrote a cookbook for two of my best friends and me, which all three of us still regularly use. It is full of go-to recipes, and helpful tips for “control in the kitchen” but my favorite part of Kitchen Commandos is the stock-the-pantry list. Having a pantry list helps me take seasonal inventory of essential dry stock items like baking mixes, soup stocks, and seasonings that I don’t often include on weekly grocery lists.  As long as I’m feeling ambitious,  I find it helpful to go ahead and make and freeze a few meals so I have them for easy weeknight prep.(or in case we get an early snow!!)

Cozy Up❤️:

I like to amp up the coziness factor in my kitchen with layers of texture and warmth. I set the kitchen table with quilted placemats, and add throws and pillows to my seating area in front of the fireplace, for use on those cold winter mornings and evenings. During winter months, I add a bundle of fresh flowers to my weekly grocery list. No big fuss, just enough to clip and fill Mimi’s milk glass bud vases, which sit in the window above my kitchen sink. I feel like a bright happy bouquet provides a lovely contrast to the wintry landscape beyond the window panes.

With Valentines Day on the approach,  I find it fun to infuse my white kitchen with pops of red. I bring out a favorite set of red porcelain heart plates I love. I rotate my Spode red and white everyday pattern in for meals. Just a pinch of red really pops against the canvas of white ❤️ and just a pinch of kitchen prep is one way to start the new year off right! 


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