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My mother wrote a book called Life Equity, based on the concept that as women, we can choose to assign real value to the wisdom, and expertise we garner from experiences that shape our lives. As women, our lives often follow a more circuitous route. Men have a tendency to have a trajectory-or starting line- through their careers. Women take time for children, family members who need care, community service. Our goal should be to find the fulfillment in every season of life. To keep a perspective that welcomes interruptions as opportunities, so that our next step on the route is a solid, and meaningful step that adds to life’s journey.

Life Equity tells the stories of  several women who have repurposed skill sets to tackle new endeavors. A close friend once told me that she looked to my mother’s own story as her guide for taking that “second bite at the apple”, which I will always remember, and appreciate.

Golden thread is about seeking and celebrating stories that inspire, wherever we might find them.  I went to Daufuskie Island’s only coffee shop one day this summer, in search of caffeine, and met a woman with a unique story that not only peaked my interest, but left me highly caffeinated, and ready to take on the world! I call her my island inspiration:)

There is not a lot of commercial advertising on Daufuskie Island, so I certainly perked up to see a post on the island electronic message board as yummy as this…

The new coffee place, School Grounds Coffee, was serving blended coffee drinks, espresso, and featuring this frozen Oreo amazingness!  A REAL coffee shop-YES! I love an Espresso Americano. My husband, a fellow coffee lover, had beat me to the source. He visited on one of his long bike rides, and had met the new owners, a husband and wife duo-Pam and Brian Cobb. He mentioned that I would especially enjoying meeting Pam-barista extraordinaire.

I headed to School Grounds with my Oreo loving sidekicks in tow. We were greeted by  Pam’s sunny smile, and since it wasn’t a busy time, she was nice enough to sit down and talk with me.  As we enjoyed delicious beverages, Pam shared with me about the unconventional path she had taken into the coffee business.  She told me she made an initial visit to Daufuskie a couple of years ago, as a way of grieving the loss of her  mother.  She fell in love with the island, and decided to stay.  Pam was leaving behind a 22 year career as a pharmaceutical rep in bio-technology and oncology, and a home in Raleigh, NC.  But she felt called to the island, and her husband, Brian, agreed.  She says things just fell into place, making it possible for them to make the move.

When Pam heard that the lease and equipment was for sale, she and her husband researched the industry and decided to jump in! After all, they would be filling a need, as Daufuskie Island’s only coffee shop.  The couple opened School Grounds coffee November 17, 2017, in the historic Mary Fields school on Daufuskie Island, which was the school house for the Gullah children.  The name “School Grounds” pays a tribute to the  Mary Field School, and history of the teachers, including author Pat Conroy.

Quite the departure from corporate America, Pam now brings perky, caffeinated smiles to the island population, that triples daily, due to  visitors. The leap of faith has been a good one, as the business has been booming since doors opened in November of 2017.  Pam’s friendly hubby, Brian comments that with free WiFi,  School Grounds is the the hub for locals, and he hears it all! He jokes that he knows more than he cares to know.
Pam has done an excellent job promoting School Grounds on social media, and the quaint, island coffee shop has caught the attention of several several travel publications.
Pam Cobb knows what my mother meant when she wrote “The life you’ve led has prepared you for the life you dream of.”

As women, we long to dive into the challenges, so why is it so often that we don’t jump in?

Mom shares in her book that “there is a key truth that will unlock extraordinary possibilities for you. The simple but powerful truth is that your accumulated skills go with you. The ordinary, everyday tasks you have been performing are actually the foundation for getting you where you want to go.”

I get the impression that Pam Cobb is right where she wants to be:)  MM

Pam Cobb, in her favorite posture, leaning across the counter to greet and visit with her customers. Follow School Grounds Coffee on FaceBook @schoolgroundscoffeeDI.  Find them on Trip Advisor, Yelp, Google.

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