Gold Rush

Have you ever had a moment of inspiration fill your heart like a sudden rush? It’s a reaction to an instinct so strong you can physically feel it come over you-providing clarity, strength and direction. The Wonder Woman effect-you know the one-the moment you realize the mission. You’re ON-its GO time-whether you like it or not. You have heard from that  yet small voice.  I can pinpoint the very few times in my life when I have had this feeling-Crucial, decisive moments.

I call this rare phenomenon a gold rush, because of the treasure that has followed-Some of the biggest and most impactful blessings in my life.

I like to think that in this day and age of constant distraction, I am listening for the call. Sometimes I have wondered if I would even be able to feel it coming, or have I become desensitized to stimulation? I consume a LOT of coffee on a daily basis. My mama brain is moving at warp speed. I either need 8 arms or 3 clones to keep up with my nine and ten year old boys, our puppy, my traveling husband, multiple projects, and entrepreneurial mindset…And that’s just the daily mess. There are the big picture distractions-a revolving door of worldly sources of stress.  My story is not unique.

But thank heavens above, each of us is able to wake up each morning with new energy.  Daily Grace. If I can find the quiet, its like a re-set button. Sometimes I sit and write.  The creative process helps to clear away the clutter. A long walk on a beautiful day like today, can rid the mind of so much distraction-just enough to catch my attention. I hear that still small voice-and recognize the feeling-a rush of gold-perfect timing. God Cares for us in ways that only He can.

May 1st marks the one year commitment I made to this GoldenThread project.  It has been a joy, to say the least! Not to be cryptic, but this gold rush I mentioned has to do with a couple of new projects/opportunities, which have recently come my way. Please look for me @marymorganblackburnketchel on Instagram. I will keep the thread going-posting photos with bright, happy messages of encouragement for living a beautiful life. The golden thread of inspiration has struck, so please stay tuned!

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