Family Ties

Bow ties are funny. To my point,  a bow tie is only perfectly tied when it is IMperfectly tied- a little messy, with a sense of humor, not taken too seriously. Such is the beauty of life-Comic relief is essential to survival.  We have to be able to laugh at ourselves, and a good sense of humor makes it possible to recover from just about anything.  Since Fathers Day was Sunday, I find it fitting for this week’s post to credit the man who cleverly taught this to me- my dear ole dad, jack of all trades, an inspired creative.  Just when I thought the sky was falling, my dad would swoop in with the ever-fitting one liner, and diffuse the situation. Rolling my teenage eyes, or wiping away tears, I would fall right into his trap… “Surely, you’re kidding”, I would whine. To this he would reply, “Don’t call me Shirley!” I couldn’t help but laugh. He is affectionately known for his talent for engaging conversation, clever quips, and slyly leading one into the unlikely comedic punchline.

Dad’s passion for the art of tying the imperfectly-perfect bow tie, brought about the birth of his satirical book, The Bow Tie Bible, and the creation of  the International Bow Tie Society.  

With features like the Ten Commandments of Bow Ties, readers are treated to a light-hearted and humorous, yet informative read.

Check out what’s under ole Moses’ beard!:)

How To Tie A Bow Tie


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