Family Call~A Sunday Tradition

Living Intentionally: “Family Call”

Throughout my formative years, my parents encouraged the good habits of productivity, personal responsibility, and self-motivation.  On Sunday evenings in a time set aside and referred to as “Family Call”, we would gather to powwow.  It was our version of a family forum.   My parents would call the meeting to order, and it ran with a glimmer of parliamentary procedure, but the process was that whomever had the floor had the attention of all.  Anything my parents needed to address with us (the children) usually led the way, but the floor was open to us for participation, prayer requests, announcements…it even provided a safe place for complaints! We would reflect upon the week behind us, and talk through the week ahead.  We would listen to one another, and identify ways we could help each other out. Chores were assigned, and accounted for at this time as well.   As we grew and began to develop talents, my parents helped us learn to utilize and appreciate each other’s s specific strengths.   As we matured, we were assigned task leadership roles.   We, the teenage kiddos, became more involved in the direction of the meetings, and were able to  think through and talk about ways to divide and conquer.   With our own young children, this has been evolving, and it is fun to watch something naturally become a “Jack” project or a “Chase” specialty.  It builds the confidence of a child to know that he is needed and appreciated, as an integral part of a group effort. We learned the benefit of staying connected as a family team, and the helpful habit of having a game plan through this exercise.  My parents also handled addressing disciplinary issues, family crisis or the delivery of uncomfortable, or sad newsthrough this format.   Though our meetings usually occurred on Sunday evenings, my parents reserved the right to announce a  “Family Call” at any other time as necessity demanded.

“Family Call” is something my husband and I use today.  Our boys know we mean business when we assemble in this way.   With the growing number of household distractions in this day and age I feel it is even more important to check the family “vitals” on a regular basis,and to keep the heart of our family connection strong with communication flowing freely!

The challenges families face is an ever-changing landscape.  The “Family Call” will look different for each family who puts it in practice, but the action of establishing that core connection is something I have found to be beneficial in so many ways.

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  • Jeanne Faith-Garton says:

    Today is the first opportunity I’ve had to sit down and review your Golden Thread posts, and I have to say I’m sharing your link with all of my family and friends. I am so touched by the life experiences and recommendations you offer…valuable life lessons/practices for all. Please keep writing…I’ll be one of the first followers to buy your book one day.

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