Deck the halls!

It’s that time of year! The week between thanksgiving and December 1st is the unofficial Christmas decorating week. You see Christmas trees atop SUV’s and each night another house on the block seems to light up!  It seems like there should be a name for this flurry of activity, proper recognition of this race to get decorated, the way Europeans observe Boxing Day after Christmas. You may be sitting pretty, reading this post while  sipping cocoa in front of a roaring fire, your home all aglow with the splendor of Christmas.  Or you may look a little more like me. I’ve got nutcrackers  in the “hospital” and pumpkins on the porch.

As a general practice, I try to get trees up by the first of December, but I like to clear away the clutter before getting started. Decorating for Christmas can be a harrowing task. Where to start? Trying to muster up the energy to get it all going again can be a bit overwhelming. I had a friend say to me yesterday, “my brain can’t decide, mail cards, buy presents, decorate the house? ”
Where to begin? I start in the fall with a culling of my mailing list. You may it may not send Christmas cards, but either way I’m sure you can appreciate the tedious process of updating contacts. I use an excel spreadsheet. It has to be done, as changes occur year to year. Simultaneously,  I work through ideas for our Christmas card. Maybe I book a photographer to take the picture, or I choose a shot I have made.  Stationary choices, designing, and proofing, ideally all happens prior to Halloween(but there are years when it does not, and that’s ok!!)  Then sometime during the thanksgiving holiday comes the Christmas card assembly line! Once the Christmas cards are safely in the hands of the US postal service,  I move on to decor. We have a family tradition where my hubby takes the boys to the tree lot to choose the perfect two(one will be flocked and one not!). About the time the trees arrive, I’m ready for the sound of Christmas to fill the air. Ok google, play Christmas music on home system!!
This is where I am now, and you may be too. The excitement of the season gives me the motivation to get started, and to the storage I go!  Items may come out of storage boxes in need of refreshing or repair-the afore mentioned nutcracker “hospital”
and ornament repairs. My glue gun stays hot. Revamping, and  adapting to new decor can be fun, and a challenge at the same time. Maybe you have moved, or redecorated, and need to figure out how to adapt to the changes. Maybe you’re checking Pinterest or magazines, looking for inspiration-trying to decide whether to go all out or simplify, creating your order of operations, including family traditions. It’s fun to see what other people/friends/designers
are doing that keeps it fresh and current. As the calendar approaches December 1st, I’m feeling the urge to get going! I’m ready to put on my grandmother’s Mrs. Clause apron, and get to work,  turning THIS….
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