Retreat to the Fountain of Youth:)

My grandmother was born to Emmie Meeks Morgan as Mary Josephine Morgan.  My mother gave me her mother’s maiden name. 

Approaching 94, she is as vibrant, and strikingly beautiful as ever! She attributes her longevity to such daily rituals as drinking a table spoon of apple cider vinegar, eating a handful of walnuts and blueberries, and laying her head on a fresh silk pillow every night.  And anyone who knows me well, knows I have adopted these habits,…and you would understand why if you spent more than a second with her. 

She has mastered the secret to youth and longevity. And don’t we know this endless quest has built an industry. 

Self care is not selfish. Just like my grandmother and beautiful women throughout the ages have cultivated self care routines that work for them, I believe that prioritizing enriching care routines for ourselves is a worthy part of a healthful lifestyle. Carving out the moments for enriching daily/weekly/monthly care routines is essential. 

Recently, I was invited to a blogger event at my favorite skin care boutique, Private Edition, in Nashville. I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent during my facial, visiting with the aesthetician from Omorovicza.  We talked about modern application of ancient treatment rituals, and the benefits of natural ingredients like thermal muds and waters. 

I love this painting. It is a favorite of my mother’s. And during our conversation, I was picturing this beautiful figure, bathing by the river.   

This reminds me that the idea of self care is not modern, that for centuries women have been developing nourishing rituals for the body and soul.  We modern gals may not kneel by the river or plunge in an ancient grotto, but we may retreat to a spa like bathroom for our version of nourishing and self care. And we should not feel guilty. Self care is not selfish.  

As I finish my morning pilates class I pause to enjoy the wise words above, hanging on the wall of my friend Allyn’s studio. 

Find nourishment in the moments, and partake in those rituals that fill your daily cup. 


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