White After Labor Day?

Back in my professional fundraising days, I started a side-hustle called StyleFusion- a business brand for my creative outlet, an opportunity to be paid for the freelance writing, event management, design, decorating, and staging work I loved doing. The name StyleFusion came from working with the concept that someone’s personal style is unique, and can extend past the closet-dressing the home and table. I wrote a column about applying an eye for fashion, and personal style, to the choices we make for the home and table- offering readers creative tricks for styling and at-home entertaining.

The StyleFusion concept came to life as I helped friends and clients make choices in entertaining and home decor reflective of their unique, personal style, that may be sophisticated, edgy, eclectic, colorful, monochromatic. Tailoring spaces that boasted personality over conformity.  And translating “closet style” to table style: creating tablescapes, table settings and entertaining details to be both exciting and comfortable for the client and their guests.

To promote my services I kept a couple of booths well stocked at busy antique spots in Nashville- the spaces were fashionably merchandised, and I serviced my customers with install, staging, and styling.
It’s fun to think back and to look at pictures and story boards from StyleFusion projects.  I learned from the challenges of running a small business, and I’m certainly grateful for all I gained from the experience.
I think a lot about the concept of StyleFusion when it’s time to start swapping out for the new season. Much like the way a stylist would accessorize and outfit, we wardrobe our homes, and just layering in a few items subtly,  can make just the right  impact.  Fall is a great time to bring warmth into the home. As I tuck away swimwear and sundresses to make room for a warmer fall wardrobe, I also think about bringing warmth and texture into my home.  In the fall, I like to rotate heirlooms and vintage items into the mix. Maybe it’s a bit of nostalgia for the way my Mimi used to clear out the water melon figurines to make way for the corn husk dolls:)
Making a few home accessory edits for fall can be a way to stay in sync with the season, and bring a little warmth inside. There are no hard and fast rules, It’s a little like asking “Can my home wear white after Labor Day?”
StyleFusion guide for refreshing your nest for fall!
I generally start by removing and storing specifically summer themed accessories (ie. white, beachy pillows, turkish towel throws, summer scented candles, bright, summer-motif dish towels)
Once the clutter is cleared away, I begin to layer back in, piece by piece. For example, maybe you have been using a wispy summer vase for cut flowers, or pastel pottery on an entryway table.
Try swapping it for a heavier textured vessel and add some natural detail, like these wooden balls.
Fall table decor lends itself to texture and layering, taking cues from the outdoors.
Try setting a table with natural elements and heirloom pieces.  Step away from the crochet doilies, but don’t be afraid to use grannny’s  china. I like a table that engages guests and invites them to linger. And fall feels like to perfect time to get cozy with layered details.  If you are hosting a meal, let your table tell a story by incorporating personalized pieces like generational gifts. If I’m having a dinner party, maybe I will opt to use heirloom glassware or a pair of vintage lead candlesticks. Mixing heirlooms with some of your favorite tableware items will add interest, and will also provide that cultivated feel designers go for!
For everyday decor, I make seasonal swaps at the dining room table, in the foyer or entry way, and at the front door. I like to keep a seasonal centerpiece on my dining room table. I enjoy blooming hydrangea bushes from spring until early fall, when they begin to change and dry.  This basket centerpiece serves as a way to preserve and extend!
Items on my early fall check list:
Swap out the soft goods. Add texture and color by accessorizing. I rotate seasonal throws, and needlepoint pillows in my living spaces.
Bring in the outdoors.
Moving patio plants indoors like ferns and succulents and add a natural element to decor.  Be sure to place waterproof  liners inside baskets or pottery vessels as you care for your plants indoors.
Welcome Fall, Y’all!
Swap out wreath. As you clear away those late summer spider webs from
the entrance to your home, remember to remove and replace your summer wreath!
Celebrate Fall!
Set an early fall themed table using  natural elements, heirloom pieces and layering.
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