I’m Glad You’re Here

I love grand welcomes. I learned from the master of them, my grandmother Mimi.

The Golden Thread of Creativity

On my first solo trip as a wide-eyed nine-year-old, I visited cousins in South Carolina.

Coloring the World

Color has always attracted my attention. One of my earliest childhood memories...

Grasp the GoldenThread of
inspiration to create a beautiful life
-And Celebrate it all!

Golden Thread is like your favorite place, the spot where you rest and find vitality at the same time. This blog site brims with encouragement and inspiration for creating a beautiful life that stays true to your unique personality. Whether you simply take a peek or linger for a while, Golden Thread will embolden you to live beautifully.

A Few Words from Mary Morgan


Heart to heart and hand to hand, daughters pull a golden thread from one generation to the next. Each of us is living a story that began long ago. I now hold the frayed end of a golden thread that has passed through the hands of generations of strong, beautiful women. Your hands fold around a golden thread too. As daughters, we’re in this life together. Let’s choose to weave thoughtful details into our days to enrich our lives and those of the people we love. There is time to transform the ordinary into the remarkable. There are creative but simple ways to honor traditions and generational relationships using fresh flair. We can bring deep meaning into our homes by weaving our stories with those of the beautiful women who placed the golden thread in our hands. We are daughters, the visionaries of beauty, and when we reveal our stories and inspire one another, life is stunning.